Hello, my name is Dale, I am a LEGO fan from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, and a committee member of Bendigo LEGO® User Group. This website is a record of models I have built over the last few years as I have rediscovered my passion for plastic bricks.

I really love building with LEGO as a way to clear my head after a day’s work, and am interested in the level of detail that can be created with LEGO bricks.

Over the past few years I have built and exhibited builds of some of the historical local architecture in my home town, a large Neo-Classic Space base, some Neo Fabuland, a dragon and a couple of steampunk airships and I wanted to create a website as a record of my LEGO journey.

To date a few of my creations have been published in industry publications and websites, and a couple have even got some awards.

I am available for commissions, if you would like a LEGO model built please get in touch.