This build is Ice Station Icarus on the planet Krysto, inspired by Ice Planet 2002 but using the range of pieces and building techniques now available.

The colour scheme and styling of this build will hopefully be recognisable to any fan of the original LEGO Ice Planet 2002 sets (1993-1994), though I have broadened the colour scheme ever so slightly for my post-apocalyptic Ice Planet setting.

This build features my previously posted KDF-07 Frost Giant Mech and Surefoot TR3 Rover

Built: 2022, 2023
Theme: Ice Planet Badlands
Exhibited: Brickvention 2023, Bendigo Bricks 2023, Brixpo 2023, Bricks on the Border 2023, Bendigo Agricultural Show 2023

This build is now retired.

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