Project Description

This MOC is a Neo-Classic Space spaceship inspired by Classic Space LEGO from the 80s but using the range of pieces and building techniques now available.

The colour scheme and styling of this ship will be immediately recognisable to any fan of the LEGO Classic Space theme (1978-1987). This ship was created as part of my Neo-Classic Space MOC, A-83 Exploration Base, find out more here.

For this MOC I created a range of custom stickers. If you would like to get your hands on my sticker artwork so you can print your own, you can do so here.

I recently submitted this MOC for consideration to LEGO Ideas, if you would like to see it made into an official LEGO set, you can register and show your support here.

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Built: 2018
Theme: Neo-Classic Space
Exhibited: Bendi-Con 2018, Brickvention 2019, Bendigo Bricks 2019, Queenscliffe Bricks 2019, The Seymour Show 2019, Bendigo Agricultural Show 2019