This build is a Neo Fabuland Bandstand.

My current project is a large display that I will be exhibiting at Brickvention 2020 exploring something I am calling ‘Neo Fabuland’, the idea of employing Fabuland as a visual style, in much the same way that Neo-Classic Space looks to Classic Space as a set of design conventions. You can find out more about my goals for Neo Fabuland here if you are interested.

I have several builds for this display in progress and this is the eighth one that I am revealing.

First and foremost I wanted to take the level of detail up above the simplified forms of the original Fabuland sets (those sets were made for young builders after all). This build is inspired by two original Fabuland sets, 3631 The Fabuland Big Band Peter Pig and Gabriel Gorilla and 3712 Robby Rabbit and combines them into a new bandstand for Peter Pig, Gabriel Gorilla and Robby Rabbit to perform on.

Let me know what you think!

Built: 20192020
Theme: Neo Fabuland
Exhibited: Brickvention 2020, Bendigo Bricks 2021, Brixpo 2021
This build has now been retired.