I have been mulling over the idea of what to name my castle build for a while and today I have finally made up my mind.

I wanted to give it a name that referred to the two main elements of the build, the castle and the forest and if I could, the two factions – the Knights of the Black Falcon and the Forest Guard (my versions of the Black Falcons and Forestmen factions) – and for this reason I have settled on the location name of ‘Falkenholt’, literally the German spelling of falcon, combined with the Old English word for forest/wood/grove, ‘holt’.

The complete name of my build will be ‘The Fortress of Falkenholt’.

I wanted to use the word fortress as a nod to 6074 Black Falcon’s Fortress but I also like the idea that people will automatically assume that the castle is the fortress, but there are actually two fortresses in Falkenholt, the castle itself and the concealed underground/forest stronghold of the Forest Guard.

I think it fits the build really well, what do you think?