Panelled wall

This time I have made some instructions for the panelled walls that form a lot of the interior details in my Gyldenspir Castle build. The panels in this build are achieved by offsetting the middle of the walls with 1x2 jumper plates and using 1x1 modified bricks with a stud on the side to [...]

2023-11-17T19:37:52+11:0017th November 2023|Categories: Builds, Techniques|Tags: , |


I decided to make some instructions for another feature of my castle that I have been asked about, and this one was created before the doors and window designs, this time it is the arrowslits in the outer curtain walls. These ones really take advantage of the shape created by the profile of ingot [...]

2023-05-24T16:33:05+10:0025th May 2023|Categories: Builds, Techniques|Tags: , |

Crown & Pennant Knights Livery

In my current build I am creating a combined Crown Knights faction called the Knights of the Crown & Pennant. In this post I am going to be showing the livery designs for their units. I have only created three units so far, musketeers, cavaliers and pikemen. I will in future be creating some [...]

2023-05-19T14:34:48+10:0013th February 2023|Categories: Builds, Techniques|Tags: , , |


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