Crown & Pennant Knights Livery

In my current build I am creating a combined Crown Knights faction called the Knights of the Crown & Pennant. In this post I am going to be showing the livery designs for their units. I have only created three units so far, musketeers, cavaliers and pikemen. I will in future be creating some [...]

2023-05-19T14:34:48+10:0013th February 2023|Categories: Builds, Techniques|Tags: , , |

Knights of the Crown & Pennant

So here is the shield design for my new combined 375 Castle Crown Knights and 2007 Castle Theme Crown Knights faction, which I am calling the Knights of the Crown & Pennant. It features a new combined crown emblem which includes elements of both previous factions, the rounded points of [...]

2023-05-19T14:34:35+10:008th February 2023|Categories: Builds|Tags: , , |

New Falcons Custom Shield

This year I started collaborating with NiceBricks in Monaco on some new products based on my Knights of the Black Falcon designs and you can now purchase the first product from this collab, New Falcons Custom Shield directly from the NiceBricks website. Daniele at NiceBricks specialises in high-quality custom printed minifigs [...]

2020-12-06T11:51:25+11:006th December 2020|Categories: Products|Tags: , , , , |


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