Gyldenspir Castle reviewed by Ben Cossy

A couple of days ago I found out that Ben Cossy has reviewed another one of my builds, this time it is my Gyldenspir Castle build from Brickvention 2024. Thanks once again Ben for your kind words, I really appreciate you taking the time to take such an in depth look at my build! If [...]

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Rebuilding the port for LEGO Insiders

A billion years ago (well six months in reality, but it seems like a very long time ago) I was one of two builders - the other builder being Marco Meini from Italy - approached by the LEGO Insiders team to build an unreleased (at the time anyway) set (10320 Eldorado Fortress) and do a [...]

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Ice Station Icarus reviewed by Ben Cossy

Yesterday I found out that incredibly talented builder Ben Cossy has reviewed my Ice Station Icarus build on his YouTube channel! Thank you Ben for your kind words, I does mean a lot to get this kind of recognition and feedback from a builder whose work I admire. If you are interested in checking [...]

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Dragonkeep on the Brothers Brick

Today a few people let me know that my Dragonkeep Postcard that I built for last month's Bendigo LEGO® User Group monthly build competition has been featured on The Brothers Brick. Thank you to The Brothers Brick team and especially Daniel for featuring my build, I particularly liked how he specifically mentioned the snout [...]

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Boris’ Post Office Review

About a billion years ago (well, the 19th of November last year actually) I was contacted by Graham from Blocks Magazine to let me know that my build Boris' Post Office would be featured in their upcoming 100 Incredible LEGO Builds publication. In case you don't know, I live in Australia, which is quite [...]

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Boris in 100 Incredible LEGO Builds

I received an email from Graham at Blocks Magazine yesterday to let me know that my Neo Fabuland build, Boris' Post Office is featured in their new special edition, 100 Incredible LEGO Builds. Blocks 100 Incredible LEGO Builds is our celebration of fan creativity to mark 100 issues of Blocks magazine. And [...]

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Dracolich on The Brothers Brick

Thanks to Dave from Bendigo Golden Brick for once again letting me know that one of my builds has been featured on The Brothers Brick. This time it is my recent Domain of the Dracolich build that I created for the most recent LEGO Ideas challenge, 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons. Thank you once [...]

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Rover on The Brothers Brick

Thanks to Dave from Bendigo Golden Brick I have just found out that my Surefoot TR3 Rover build has been featured on The Brothers Brick. Thank you to The Brothers Brick team and especially Theo Spencer for featuring my build, and for your kind words about my Ice Planet Badlands setting! You can read [...]

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