About a billion years ago (well, the 19th of November last year actually) I was contacted by Graham from Blocks Magazine to let me know that my build Boris’ Post Office would be featured in their upcoming 100 Incredible LEGO Builds publication.

In case you don’t know, I live in Australia, which is quite a long way from the UK where Blocks Magazine is published, so even a regular Blocks Magazine is several months out of date before it makes it to our shores (not to say that it actually goes out of date, just that the news is not necessarily new when the magazine gets here), so suffice to say I had to wait a very long time for this special edition to arrive before I could actually take a look in it and see what was said about my build.

The build in question, Boris’ Post Office is a Neo Fabuland post office build that was part of my large Neo Fabuland display which I built in 2019 and displayed in 2020, Edward’s Island, you can find out what my aims were for the Neo Fabuland project in my original blog post exploring the theme here.

When the magazine arrived I hurriedly tore it out of it’s packaging and flipped through it as quickly as I could to page 30 where my build is featured (I also went and looked through all the other pages at the awesome builds that were featured, but you know..). I was really happy to see that my build was reviewed by George Gilliat, the designer of the Majestic Tiger set and all manner of cute, clever animal builds (as well as some stand out Harry Potter sets amongst other things).

Here is what George had to say about Boris’ Post Office:

“This model of Boris’ Post Office looks just like something from one of the original sets, but is constructed with so many interesting and complex building techniques, such as the use of hinges to create a realistic bay window.”

“It’s very nice to see a blend of modern elements, like cheese slopes and DOTS tiles, mixed in with some of the original Fabuland elements, like the sign and the letterbox.”

So there you have it, I was pretty pleased with what was said, and I think that my aims for Neo Fabuland have come across, thanks to George for taking the time to look at my build and to the Blocks Magazine team for including it!