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Build a pine tree

A few people have asked me about the technique used to build the pine trees in my castle build, so I have put together some instructions. I also thought it may come in handy with Christmas on the horizon. As with any of my instructions, please let me know if these are useful to [...]

2023-04-21T13:47:13+10:0017th December 2021|Categories: Builds, Techniques|

10,000 supporters!

As of last night (I am not quite sure of the time as I was sound asleep), my modular record store project Downtown Records finally cracked 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. I plan on talking more about the LEGO Ideas process in a later post, but the main thing I want to do at this [...]

2021-11-27T02:20:25+11:0027th November 2021|Categories: LEGO Ideas|

Brickvention 2022

I have just found out that the next event I will be exhibiting at will be Brickvention 2022! Brickvention 2022 will run from the 8th to the 9th of January at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, it is Australia’s premier LEGO fan convention and the biggest show I have ever exhibited at (this will [...]

2022-01-27T14:16:26+11:0031st October 2021|Categories: Events|Tags: |

Edward’s Island in BrickJournal

My Neo Fabuland display, Edward's Island is featured in the November 2021 issue of BrickJournal, it even made the front cover! The magazine is not out until the 13th of October, but you can subscribe and see a preview of some content in the issue here. I was interviewed by Joe Meno from [...]

2022-01-27T14:17:04+11:0027th September 2021|Categories: Builds, Media|Tags: |

Sneak peek: Camouflaged Outpost x 10

Some of you may have seen some sneak peeks of my current build on my Instagram or in some of the LEGO Castle groups on Facebook but I wanted to write a post about it here and specifically acknowledge it's inspiration. I am currently in the process of building a large Castle themed display [...]

2022-08-08T14:56:12+10:0023rd June 2021|Categories: Builds, Work in progress|Tags: , |


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