Neo Fabuland

Free Download: Fabuland Background

Recently someone asked me if I would ever consider making my Fabuland Background image that I designed (based on the original Fabuland box art backgrounds) for my Neo Fabuland builds available for people to download and use in their own builds, and I have decided to do just that. All you need to do [...]

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Free Download: Neo Fabuland Sticker Artwork

When I designed and built my Neo Fabuland MOC Edward's Island I designed a few custom sticker/printed parts designs to further flesh out the Neo Fabuland world of my display. I have decided to make them available for download here in PDF and JPEG formats for free, all you need to do is complete [...]

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We’re on The Brothers Brick!

This morning I awoke to the news that my Neo Fabuland MOC, Edward's Island was featured on The Brothers Brick. Thank you to The Brothers Brick team for making this happen, and especially to Lino Martins for his awesome review of Edward's Island which you can read here. I should also thank Lino for [...]

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Free Download: Neo Fabuland Window Artwork

As part of my upcoming Neo Fabuland display I have made vinyl cut window pane details which are applied to existing window 'glass' pieces. I have decided to make the artwork files available to anyone else who might like to vinyl cut their own Neo Fabuland window details. The files include my window pane [...]

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Free Download: Telephone Box .lxf/.io & Sticker Artwork

I recently designed this Fabuland-scale retro telephone box based on the iconic British red telephone boxes and have decided to make it available for download. The files include the telephone box in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) .lxf and Studio .io formats, the sticker artwork for the telephone signs, the coin slot and the telephone [...]

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