Boris’ Post Office Review

About a billion years ago (well, the 19th of November last year actually) I was contacted by Graham from Blocks Magazine to let me know that my build Boris' Post Office would be featured in their upcoming 100 Incredible LEGO Builds publication. In case you don't know, I live in Australia, which is quite [...]

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Boris in 100 Incredible LEGO Builds

I received an email from Graham at Blocks Magazine yesterday to let me know that my Neo Fabuland build, Boris' Post Office is featured in their new special edition, 100 Incredible LEGO Builds. Blocks 100 Incredible LEGO Builds is our celebration of fan creativity to mark 100 issues of Blocks magazine. And [...]

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Edward’s Island on The Brothers Brick

This morning I awoke to the news that my Neo Fabuland build, Edward's Island was featured on The Brothers Brick.Thank you to The Brothers Brick team for making this happen, and especially to Lino Martins for his awesome review of Edward's Island which you can read here.I should also thank Lino for reviewing Boris' Post [...]

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