Ice Planet

Ice Station Icarus reviewed by Ben Cossy

Yesterday I found out that incredibly talented builder Ben Cossy has reviewed my Ice Station Icarus build on his YouTube channel! Thank you Ben for your kind words, I does mean a lot to get this kind of recognition and feedback from a builder whose work I admire. If you are interested in checking [...]

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Sneak Peek: Nearing the end

My current build, Ice Station Icarus is nearing completion, so this will be the last update! There is not much left to finish, mainly adding more texture through the addition of hundreds of round and quarter round 1x1 tiles, building a couple more rusted cargo containers and placing and making finishing touches where each [...]

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A frosty response

I have built my own take on various classic LEGO themes in the past (Classic Space, Fabuland, Castle) and it is something I intend to keep doing, so I have for some time been aware that some AFOLs might not like my changes or adaptations, and this is okay. With each of my builds [...]

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Rover on The Brothers Brick

Thanks to Dave from Bendigo Golden Brick I have just found out that my Surefoot TR3 Rover build has been featured on The Brothers Brick. Thank you to The Brothers Brick team and especially Theo Spencer for featuring my build, and for your kind words about my Ice Planet Badlands setting! You can read [...]

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