In my 9-5 Monday-Friday life I am a graphic designer and art director so I guess it was only natural that the toolset of a designer would find its way into my LEGO hobby as well.

Not only does my experience and appreciation for design inform what and how I like to build, but I also find ways to use my design skills to help out LUGs and events. This has involved designing various items for groups and events over the years, in this post I am going to talk about tshirt designs.

Bendigo LEGO® User Group

Designing Tshirts for LUGs and events started with my own local LUG, Bendigo LEGO User Group.  It began when I was asked to design a new logo for the group when they became an Official Recognised LEGO User Group and changed their name from Bendigo Area LEGO Designers to Bendigo LEGO User Group. There was no members tshirt to begin with, however once I had designed the new logo I thought it would would be good to have it on a shirt to wear at events and I took it upon myself to design and print my own LUG shirt.  After a few members saw me wear the tshirt at events and our meetings it sparked an idea in the committee to offer tshirts to LUG members.

1. Bendigo LEGO User Group Members Tshirt 2018-2022
2. Bendigo LEGO User Group Members Tshirt 2023-current

Bendigo Bricks

I was first approached to design a tshirt for exhibitors attending Bendigo Bricks 2021 by LUG ambassador Michael Peebles, the design is based on a tshirt he had seen at an International event.

After that first year a precedent was established of having a custom designed shirt for exhibitors to wear at Bendigo Bricks and the next year I designed a tshirt based on the LEGO Expert symbol.

The third shirt that I have so far designed for Bendigo Bricks has been by far our most popular design to date, featuring that most sought after of LEGO animals, the goat.

1. Bendigo Bricks Exhibitors TShirt 2020
2. Bendigo Bricks Exhibitors TShirt 2022
3. Bendigo Bricks Exhibitors TShirt 2023


I have also designed some tshirts for Brickvention, though the only examples that I can share publicly at the moment are the exhibitors tshirts which simply feature the Brickvention logo (which I designed in 2020). The tshirt colours change from year to year and are chosen by the Brickventures committee.

1 & 2. Brickvention TShirts

So these are the few examples of event and LUG tshirts that I have designed so far, I have a new design for Bendigo Bricks 2024 in the works at the moment and as mentioned some tshirt designs for Brickvention 2024 have been approved, but will not be shown publicly until the event in January next year. Once these new tshirt designs are released I will add them here.

If you have a LEGO event or LUG and need a custom tshirt designed, please feel free to get in touch.