The time has come to chose a name for my yellow castle build, though I have been thinking about what to name it for quite some time.

When I embarked on this castle build I decided that I wanted it to be more like a 1650 era palace than a defensive fortification, or at the very least I wanted it to be clear from the construction of the finished build that the nature and use of the castle had changed over time from a more defensive structure to a palace.

The name of the castle needs to reflect the time period and the use of the castle, but also I wanted to pay homage to the original 375 Castle set by referring to the colour in the name as well as using Danish words in the name.

I decided pretty early on that the name should start with the Danish word for ‘Golden’, ‘Gylden‘ referring to the yellow and tan colour palette I have used in the build.

The second part of the name was a little trickier however, but a few of the Danish words that I believe would suit as a suffix for the word ‘Gylden’ in relation to this castle are:

  • holm (Danish for ‘islet‘)
  • hal (Danish for ‘hall’)
  • hjem (Danish for ‘home‘)
  • spir (Danish for ‘spire‘)
  • sted (Danish for ‘place‘)
  • sten (Danish for ‘stone’)

I really like all of these names, Gyldenholm (Golden Islet), Gyldenhal (Golden Hall), Gyldenhjem (Golden Home), Gyldenspir (Golden Spire), Gyldensted (Golden Place) and Gyldensten (Golden Stone).

From the above options my first preference is Gyldenhal (Golden Hall), though in my checks –  I always make sure to check the names of my builds in Google – I have discovered that the name Gyldenhal is used for a golden castle in the 2018 computer game Dragon Quest XI. This is not ideal, as I do not want people to think that my castle is meant to represent the castle from the game. I have therefore decided to go with my second preference, and one that is perhaps even more fitting, Gyldenspir (Golden Spire).

The official name of my build will be Gyldenspir Castle. I was thinking about calling it Gyldenspir Palace, but I think Gyldenspir Castle rolls off the tongue a bit better.

So, what do you think? Does it suit the build? Let me know!