Over the weekend my wife Kara and I went and checked out the Relics: A New World Rises Exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

I want to start by talking a little about what Relics is, the press release sets the scene:
Set in a future long after humanity’s reign, RELICS tells the story of a world where LEGO® minifigures have risen from the debris to craft intricate civilisations in discarded human artefacts, each one inspired by the object they now call home.

The exhibition is the brainchild of Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler, the 2020 winners of LEGO® Masters Australia.  Relics comprises of 12 expertly crafted displays created from a combination of large scale found objects and incorporating intricately detailed LEGO environments which tie in with and build upon the found object.

I was thoroughly impressed with Relics, I have seen many many LEGO shows and events over the past decade and I must say that this exhibition stands out from what I have seen before. Relics: A New World Rises feels like a cohesive world, it is evident that Jackson and Alex have expertly crafted each exhibit, from the skill and precision they have employed in the brick built elements, the sourcing of the found objects and finally to the careful staging of each exhibit. The graphic designer in me loved the attention to detail in even the printed ephemera and signage included throughout the Relics world.

My favourite exhibits would have to be the cryogenics lab refrigerator and the time machine grandfather clock.

Well done to Jackson and Alex on the amazing achievement that is Relics: A New World Rises, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of the exhibition, it was easily one of the most enjoyable and creative LEGO exhibitions I have seen.

If you are heading to Melbourne before January 28th 2024, make sure you head over the Melbourne Museum and check out Relics. Tickets can be purchased via the Melbourne Museum website or at the door.

Edit: Through the generosity of Melbourne Museum I have two Relics tickets to give away, if you would like to go in the draw to win one, click here and fill out the form!

Thank you to Melbourne Museum for reaching out to me with some complimentary tickets for this exhibition.