I mentioned in my last post that I am currently working on a collaborative pirate-themed build, and it is time for some introductions.

First of all let me say that we have decided on a name for the collaborative build and it will be called Blackskull Archipelago.

The second thing that I wanted to do in this post – and by far the most important thing – is introduce the group of talented builders from my local LUG (Bendigo LEGO User Group) who I will be embarking on this pirates-themed group build with!

Now, this is not the entire list, just the people who have said that they are currently happy for me to share their involvement in the project:

Owen O’Brien (@blueys_bricks)
Michael Peebles (@michael_a_peebles)
Brent Toma (@bnt_union_31)
Kara Harris (@karavenacava)
Dave McWilliams (@davemc_bricks)
Nicole Mooney (@its.all.about.bricks)

Make sure you check out their Instagram accounts and give them a follow if you don’t already, this is a very talented bunch of builders and I am looking forward to sharing what we create together!