Last weekend I exhibited at Brickvention 2024 in Melbourne (I took along my Gyldenspir Castle build), and here are my top five builds from the show!

Golden Dragon by Donny Chen

This build was/is my number one build from Brickvention 2024, but having said that it is most likely everyone‘s favourite build from Brickvention 2024. Donny has blown everyone away with this build, it is phenomenal.

The techniques that Donny has employed to realise this twisting, curved dragon body with its layered gold scales are one of a kind, it is definitely going to inspire a whole range of new builds. If you would like to peer under the skin of this astounding creation, check out this video from Ben Cossy.

Well done Donny, I can’t even imagine what you will cook up next!

Bounty Hunter Battle Mechs by Greg Dalinkiewicz

As with Donny’s dragon, Greg Dalinkiewicz also employs some pretty amazing techniques in his collection of Star Wars Bounty Hunter Battle Mechs. This is the first time I have seen Greg’s work and I have to say this guy has some amazing skills with LEGO bricks.

Greg’s builds are intricately detailed and layered with careful attention to texture and form. The way he gets some of those parts to work together is magical. I have to confess that I love mech builds, but these are definitely some of the most well realised mech builds that I have seen.

Fantastic work Greg.

Temple of Anubis by Ben Cossy

Ben Cossy’s builds are always a delight, his careful consideration of colour palette, texture and eye for design always shines through. Not to mention his command of building techniques.

My favourite build of last year’s Brickvention was actually Ben’s In the Angel City, will you still be tempted by the devil? and his beautifully detailed Temple of Anubis build is right up there at the top of my list of the best builds for BV 2024.

I am a big fan of builders exploring and reinterpreting LEGO themes from the past, and Ben Cossy’s take on the Johnny Thunder/Adventurers theme is ticking all the boxes for me.

Ben has put together an awesome video about this build detailing the story, conceptualisation, design and build techniques he employed in the build, which you can check out on his YouTube channel.

No Face in The Bath House by Jayfa (Joss Ivanwood)

Joss is an expert at ‘dragons, robots, monsters and more’ and his creature builds are always a highlight of Brickvention for me each year.

This year he has brought his biggest Brickvention build yet, a LEGO recreation of a scene from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away called No Face in the Bath House.

This build is a masterclass in creative parts usage as are all Joss’ builds, and the way he has managed to capture the moving and undulating forms of No Face as he grows to monstrous size and moves through the bath house is a joy to behold.

The Boxed Arcadia by Jason Cichon

Jason Cichon is a technically brilliant builder, his builds are always clever and his display at this year’s Brickvention is no different.

Jason’s 2024 Brickvention build comprises of a self contained medieval fantasy kingdom including a microscale ocean with tall ships, a village, a forested glen with geode monument, a castle with a dragon and a rocky ravine with a rope bridge.

Besides the skill that Jason has employed in the design and construction of his beautiful microscale world itself, the most unique feature of this build is that the entire miniature arcadia folds up into a self contained box, with each section nesting into those next to it within the cube.

Fantastic work as always Jason.

So there you have it, my top five builds from Brickvention 2024. If you attended the event I would love to know which builds were your favourites too!

If you enjoy these builds please make sure you connect with the builders and show them your support.