Downtown Records on Rebrickable

Ever since I put my Downtown Records build up on LEGO Ideas back in August 2020 I have been asked almost constantly if there were instructions available for it. Well, I am pleased to say that I have recently finished creating and uploading instructions for a new smaller version of Downtown Records, which you [...]

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Downtown Records on LEGO Ideas

Three days ago my latest LEGO Ideas project went live on the platform seeking supporters and I have just realised that I have not really put it on my website properly yet, so today I am going to fix that (I have also realised that I haven't put my previous project, Catherine Cat's Café [...]

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We’re in the running for 2019 ArchBrick Build of the Year!

I have just found out that my build of The Shamrock Hotel is a contender for the 2019 ArchBrick Build of the Year! To say I am excited is an understatement, I am glad to see this build getting some International attention as the building it represents is such a symbol of my home town. [...]

2021-07-14T03:59:40+10:0016th December 2019|Categories: Media|Tags: , , |

Wonderland Exhibition

I know I said previously that the next exhibition I would be exhibiting in would be Brickvention 2020, however I was mistaken. From next week, four of my builds will appear in an exhibition at the Bendigo Visitor Centre. The upcoming Wonderland exhibition at the Bendigo Visitor Centre's Living Arts Space will explore 'the connections [...]

2021-07-14T03:57:17+10:0026th November 2019|Categories: Events, Media|Tags: , , |

The Shamrock… in the Shamrock

As of today my build of the Shamrock Hotel is on display in the very building it represents. This morning I had the pleasure of delivering and setting up my build of the Shamrock Hotel at the Shamrock itself. You can now see it on display in the Hotel's reception area at the corner of [...]

2021-07-14T04:58:05+10:0015th September 2019|Categories: Events|Tags: , , |
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