Last weekend I exhibited at Bendigo Bricks 2024 (I also helped run the event and took along my Gyldenspir Castle build), and here are my top five builds from the show!

Bendigo Post Office & Bendigo Law Courts by Darren Hutchesson

Darren is a very talented builder from my local LUG, Bendigo LEGO User Group. I have admired his architectural builds for a long time, and if you get the chance you should head over to his Instagram account and check out his past builds of Bendigo’s Capital Theatre, Town Hall and Joss House Temple.

Over the past few years Darren has built his largest creations to date, and this year we were able to see them side by side! Darren’s attention to detail and architectural accuracy shines in his picture perfect builds of Bendigo’s former Post Office Building as well as the building next to it, the equally impressive former Bendigo Law Courts.

Battle of Christophsis by Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller builds amazingly detailed Star Wars builds, and his recreation of the Battle of Christophsis is a beautiful example of his skilled application of colour, texture and form.

Andrew’s Kashyyyk build from last years Bendigo Bricks was my one of my top two builds from that show and I always look forward to seeing what he will bring along each year.

Medieval by Brent Toma

Brent Toma is one of the most talented builders in my local LUG, Bendigo LEGO User Group. His builds are always beautifully detailed and his command of texture and form is spectactular.

Brent’s Medieval display was hands down my favourite build at this years Bendigo Bricks. The build features a super detailed medieval square complete with buildings, castle fortifications and a tower. I particularly like the textured facades and brickwork of the buildings.

Thunderchild by Darren Reid

I love the War of the Worlds and it is actually a book that I have long had on my list of potential LEGO builds, so I was really excited to see Darren’s take on one of the most iconic scenes from The War of the Worlds, the Ironclad Thunderchild taking on a Martian tripod.

I have seen Darren’s amazing ship and steampunk builds in the past, so he is probably the ideal builder to tackle this subject matter.

The detail of the glowing, battle damaged bow where the Martian heat ray has struck the Thunderchild is particularly fantastic.

Bendigo Military Museum by Michael Piggott

Michael Piggott is another talented builder, also from my local LUG, Bendigo LEGO User Group.

I have seen Michael tackle local Bendigo architecture in his award winning Bendigo Railway Station build from a few years ago and he has again captured a beautiful example of local architecture in the form of the Bendigo Military Museum. There are some amazing techniques at work in this build to realise the complex shapes and forms of the building. Fantastic work Michael!

So there you have it, my top five builds from Bendigo Bricks 2024. If you attended the event I would love to know which builds were your favourites too!

If you enjoy these builds please make sure you connect with the builders and show them your support.