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Contemplating Neo Fabuland

So, for just under a month now I have been planning, LDD-ing and purchasing pieces to start building my build for display at next year's Brickvention in Melbourne. I have decided after tackling Neo-Classic Space in last year's display, to this time take on another beloved classic LEGO theme from my childhood, Fabuland. I [...]

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Bendigo Bricks 2019

Well it is almost here, only two more sleeps until Bendigo Bricks 2019 starts! I am really looking forward to showing the Shamrock Hotel build that I have been working on for the last eight months (I actually started designing it at Bendigo Bricks 2018, and started building it 4 months later) as well as [...]

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Brickvention 2019

This time next week I will be at Brickvention, Australia's premier LEGO fan convention. This will be my second time exhibiting my work at Brickvention, though my first officially as last year I attended as my wife Kara's exhibition volunteer rather than as an exhibitor in my own right. I am really looking forward to [...]

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Neo-Classic Space computers

When setting out to design and build my Neo-Classic Space build A-83 Exploration Base I decided that I did not want to use the original Classic Space printed computer pieces. This might strike some Classic Space purists as sacrilege but don't get me wrong, I love those Classic Space computers! My reasoning is that [...]

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